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Braven solar street lights are designed to operate as one integrated system. This system includes the solar module, storage and power management unit. Our range of solar street and areas lighting systems require no electricity line extensions and are maintenance-free, making them ideal for locations where utility power is unavailable or uneconomic. All our solar street lights can be configured to turn on and off automatically between dusk and dawn or at pre-defined hours while auxiliary battery ensures continuous operation even in bad weather condition.


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-  LEDs are practically unbreakable and non-toxic with over

   60,000 hours lifetime

-  In case one LED do not function, all other LED continues to

   light without hindrance

-  Highly durable LED output which do not depreciate while

   traditional sodium lamps tend to lose their luminous

   efficiency over time

-  Modular design to make use of existing lamp pole or

   structure to reduce capital outlay

-  Built-in protection circuits prevent overcharging and

   discharging of the storage battery

-  Maintenance-free sealed lead-acid battery

-  Uses only high efficiency >14% crystalline PV module

-  Continue functioning in cloudy, raining weather conditions

   and power black out up to 5 days

-  Aesthetically designed and weatherproof suitable for all

   climates ranging from -30°C ~ 40°C and humidity 0 ~ 95

-  Manufactured using imported US-made, high efficiency

   LED – longer lifetime, lesser energy and higher illumination

   than conventional lamp

-  Parts design lifetime for solar panel 25 years, LED light over

   50,000 hours, controller 10 years and battery 5 ~ 6 years


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Rukan Mangga Dua Square Blok D 26
Jl. Gunung Sahari Raya No. 1,
Jakarta Utara 14430
DKI Jakarta-Indonesia
Phone: +6221 6231 3327 / 6231 3077
Fax: +6221 6231 1523

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